- Map System Added: Over 1300 objects make up the apocalyptic map of San Fierro ranging from burned cars, long grass, rubble, and more.
- Sniper Point System Added: The map is filled with sniper & rooftop attack points making certain areas defendable with help from other players.
- Ladder Point System Added: The map is filled with over 31 ladder points to allow player to access to a large amount of rooftops etc.
- Weapon Point System Added: There are special weapon points found in ammunation interiors and a few other outside locations.
- Health Point System Added: The hospital contains a special Painkillers point, where you can be certain to find painkillers to increase health.
- Gas Point System Added: Each service station on the map includes a Gas Point to allow players to fill up their gas cans to refuel vehicles.
- Water Point System Added: The map contains 9 Water Points to allow players to fill up Empty Water Bottles that can be used for health/thirst.
- Interior System Added: There are 5 global interiors to find and explore throughout the map, including ammunations, club, radio station, & more.
- Vehicle System Added: There are 21 vehicles that can be found and used throughout the map which require fuel and/or repair before use.
- Item System Added: Items can be found all over the map and stay with you if you quit, but you will lose them if you die. (VIPs items save)
- Inventory System Added: When items are collected, they are stored in the players inventory so they can be used at anytime.
- Backpack System Added: Backpacks can be found, including a Small Backpack(6 slots + 20 weight) & Large Backpack(8 slots + 30 weight)
- Survey System Added: Up to 24 towers can be discovered so players can survey the area. Once an area is surveyed the map is revealed.
- Dead Body System Added: Once players & zombies die, their dead bodies can be searched by players allowing them to take any items.
- Hunger/Thirst/Tired System Added: Hunger, Thirst & Tired levels must be topped up by drinking and eating or sitting/laying down.
- User System Added: Players can register accounts which save all their statistics like: kills, deaths, zombie kills, discovered towers and more.
- Admin/Helper System Added: The server contains an admin & helper system allowing staff members to moderate the server and help players.
- VIP System Added: When players donate, they gain special features including: armour on spawn, VIP bag, full weapon skills and more.
- Post System Added: Posts can be discovered all over the map allowing players to claim and use them. Each post contains storage and keys.
- Zombie System Added: The map is infested with zombies who detect and attack players. Beware, as loud noises like gunshots attract them.

- Fixed the toolbox bug not working when next to vehicles.
- Fixed the weapon drop bug dropping weapons at the killers position.
- Fixed some bugs in the admin commands.
- Increased website textdraw to completely cover money textdraw.
- Changed the report command from a dialog to a full command to make it easier.
- Increased /unstuck distance to work when it wasn't working before.
- Prevented the ability to hold more than 1000 of the same item(especially ammo).
- Fixed the /pack bug overloading your inventory by changing /pack to /drop.
- Added a /staff command so players can see online helpers/admins.
- Upgraded /spec command to show the stats and inventory of the player being spectated.
- Created a /duty command for staff members to prevent death when helping other players.
- Added a /hmute command for staff members to mute players abusing help chat.
- Added a reason parameter to the jail command.
- Added /respawnitems, /disarm and /emptyinv commands for staff members.

- The script is no longer in BETA and is now STABLE.
- Added a /r command to quickly reply to private messages.
- Added banning/kicking admin names to ban/kick commands.
- Changed parts to show yellow for connects and orange for disconnects.
- Fixed some minor bugs in the animation commands.
- Made more of a chance of Snacks spawning.
- Changed post storage to save items for the next claimer to loot.
- Fixed the zombies disconnecting bug.
- Added a /getip and /getweapons command for admins.
- Added a /vips command so players can see online VIPs.
- Added a /lock command so players can lock/unlock vehicles.
- Added a /givebag and /giveitem command for admins to replenish lost items/weapons.
- Added a /givehealth and /givearmour command for admins to replenish lost health/armour.
- Added more zombie spawn points and changed the others for more of a chance to encounter zombies.

- Added a /gchat command for players to turn on/off global chat.
- Added a /gmute command for staff members to mute players abusing global chat.
- Changed /duty skin to a new skin id with STAFF on the back of their shirt.
- Added a /goback command for staff members to go back to their last position after using /goto.
- Added a /offlineban command for admins to ban offline members.
- Zombies are now more attracted to shouting players when they use /s.
- New rule has been added to /rules about asking staff for items/weapons and reviews on appeals/applications.
- Added a /ignorepms command for players to ignore private messages.
- Shortened the /getweapons command to /getweps to make it easier for admins to check players weapons.
- Made it so players survey timers stop when they die while surveying an area to prevent it bugging.
- Added a /tele command for admins to teleport to certain locations around the map.
- Made it so helpers can use /emptyinv to help players with bugged inventories.
- Fixed the bug showing the action dialog when you click on an Empty Slot.
- Added a /myloc command for players to find out their current location.
- Fixed the bug where VIPs were not spawning with 100% armour.
- Fixed a small bug in the statistics textdraw.
- Changed the banning commands to ban IPs to prevent ban evade.
- Changed /unban to be usable by admins instead of just head admins.
- Added a new fully functional anti-cheat covering most common hacks which now bans hackers.

- Fixed some major bugs in the anti-cheat system. (EMERGENCY UPDATE)
- Players who quit inside posts/houses will now relog at a random location.
- Changed the /setlevel command to work for offline players.
- Made it so you can only lock one vehicle at a time.
- Fixed the house storage bug.
- Fixed the /duty skin bug.

- Small revamp including: changes/deletions/additions & bug fixes. (PRE-UPDATE)
- Made it so zombies are now attracted to jumping sounds.
- Added some extra parameters to the muting commands.
- Objects now load before spawn to prevent falling through objects.
- Restructured the whole command system for both staff & players.
- Made a /clearchat, /warn and /data commands for staff members.
- Changed /climb, /survey and some /enter and /exit commands to push button.

- Major update including new features/commands, revamps, additions, changes, security upgrades and bug fixes. (MAJOR UPDATE)
- Updated the map: Mt. Chiliad Base > San Fierro Hospital > San Fierro Bank > Minor Map Additions. (Now over 1500 map objects)
- Changed the background for class selection to Cranberry Station.
- Upgraded Zombie System with better spawning, movement, thinking and behaviour: Normal Zombie > Sprinter Zombie > Boomer Zombie
- Upgraded Post System: You now have to defend your post with x3 Wood every 24 hours to keep it and Keys are now Passwords.
- Added some NEW Items for claiming/defending posts including: Wood(to claim posts) + Hammer(to claim posts)
- Added some NEW Skins bringing the count from 17 skins to now 84 skins. Also added an army skin restricted to players with 100+ score.
- Added a NEW Economy/Money System: Exchange bullets at the bank for 'blanks' and use them to pay for items & services. (Also /pay)
- Added a NEW Character System: Find 7 non-playing characters like Vendors, a Doctor, Mechanics and more to buy items/services from.
- Added a NEW Trunk System: Cars with trunks now have inventory systems with 10 slots and 100 pound weight limits. (Using /trunk or /tr)
- Added a NEW Weapon Holster System automatically attaching unused weapons to the players body.
- Added a NEW Killing Spree System for players who make consecutive kills without dying.
- Added a NEW Animation for drinking and many other animations for various actions.
- Added a NEW Textdraw under the Site Textdraw for hunger/thirst & fatigue stats + updated bottom Stats Textdraw.
- Added a NEW Water Point & Gas Point at Mt. Chiliad Base for players to refill water bottles and gas cans. (Now 10 Water Points & 5 Gas Points)
- Made a /faq command for frequently asked questions to help new players on the server.
- Made a /tutorial command so players can undergo the tutorial the next time they spawn.
- Made a /pit command for admins to punish players by sending them to a secret holding pit for a period of time, which they must finish.
- Made a /setname command so players names can be changed on their accounts. (ONLY THE OWNER CAN SET A PLAYERS NAME)
- Made it so thirst/hunger and tiredness levels decrease 5 seconds slower making 100 percent last a fair bit longer.
- Made it so you automatically respawn with the same skin. You now have to use /changeskin to select another skin.
- Made it so you can hold more than x1 bottle of Painkillers at a time. Used for 100% health.
- Made it so all players now have full weapon skills for every weapon excluding: Sawn-Off & Uzi.
- Made it so the Anti-Cheat and Staff Members can ban players for a maximum of 30 days.
- Revamped the VIP System (Now: VIP Bag (Saves) + Don't Lose Items/Weapons/Fuel + Wield Double Sawn-Off's/Uzi's + Spawn With Armour)
- Revamped the Area Checking System to be more precise. Players AND zombies may only roam in San Fierro, Flint County or Whetstone.

- Small bug fixes, major security update and much needed patches. (PATCH UPDATE)
- Major server security update resulting in all levels/bans stripped. (REBUILDING STAFF FROM SCRATCH)
- Added a much need Q&A to /faq so players can learn how to get blanks/money.
- Added a map icon at the Bank so players can easily find Bob. (Dollar Sign Icon)
- Added blanks($ BLA) statistics to the /stats command so you can see other players blanks.
- Fixed the Character System bug where characters would move position or disappear altogether.
- Created a Server Base Reloading System which creates more random items and frequent zombie hoards.
- Boomer Zombies now have C4 attached to their heads so all 3 Zombie Species can be identified upon sight.
- Made it so M16A4's and Model 70's are rare and can only be found at gun points or purchased from vendors.
- Halved the price of Wood and ajusted all Vendor prices to be more realistic with the server economy.
- Replaced Snacks with Burgers and Tacos which now doubles the chance of finding food to eat when hungry.
- Made a /resetpass command so the owner can reset players passwords. (MUST APPLY VIA FORUM)

- Emergency bug fixes and minor patches/additions. (EMERGENCY UPDATE)
- Victims are now notified when they are being bitten by zombies.
- Created chat bubbles for local chat and shouting.
- Zombies now roam for longer and detect victims for longer.
- Removed C4 from Boomers faces and created better spawning.

- Minor efficency upgrade and minor changes/additions. (SEMI-FINAL PATCH UPDATE)
- Fixed the post storage system bug to work with last fix. (ALL STORAGE RESET)
- Implemented changes to staffing system.

- Minor revamp including GUI changes and additions/changes. (FINAL PATCH UPDATE)
- Made changes to the stats bar and blanks are now shown by default. (Money Bar)
- Increased the draw distance of name tags from 10 meters to 25 meters.
- Changed how zombies roam to create hordes of zombies everywhere.
- Made it so you paradrop when you spawn a new life to prevent spawn killing.

- Major update including bug fixes along with massive additions & changes.
- Added NEW Characters including: Pat the Pilot + Paul the Pilot + Sam the Soldier.
- Added NEW Fast Travel System with Pat and Paul the Pilot's offering Paradrops to locations around the map.
- Changed the post defense timeframe from (24) to (48) hours due to popular player demand.
- Changed max vehicle inventory weight from (100) to (200) to make it more realistic.
- Upgraded the tutorial system to be taught by Sam the Soldier at Mt. Chiliad Base.
- Changed the class selection background to overlooking Mt. Chiliad on the Radio Station's roof.

- Final version update including bug fixes, changes, and additions.
- Converted SQLite database to a MySQL database for website integration.
- Increased the draw distance for players nametags from 5 to 25 metres.
- Upgraded the Zombie System with better roaming to increasing zombie activity.
- Upgraded the Anti-Cheat System and added Anti-Fake Kills + Anti-Aimbot.
- Upgraded the Staff System with NEW Notifications, Commands, & Features.
- Updated stats textraw with more information and created better stats configuration.
- Added NEW Bandit System turning your status from Survivor (White) to Bandit (Orange) when you murder.
- Added NEW Unsafe Spawning Check System so players don't spawn next to other players or zombies.

- Major GUI changes including sprite-based texdraws for Hunger, Thirst & Fatigue + Site/Version texdraws.
- Major bug fixes to Post System passwords not working and other minor fixes and changes.

- Upgraded the Zombie System with more spawn locations + new movement algorithm + increased numbers.
- Made it so food and water only give you small amounts of health making painkillers usable.
- Upgraded the Staff System with new spectating system and new/upgraded commands.
- Implemented brand new highly complex Anticheat System developed by assistant developer Threshold.

- Added Army and SWAT skins for Regular Players with 100+ score.
- Minor bug fixes and changes including additions.

- Minor bug fixes including patches in Anticheat System and Playable Area Detection.
- Update to Zombie System adding closest victim detection making zombies more unpredictable.
- Added NEW Roleplay commands including: /do /me & /b for roleplayers to use ingame.
- Changes to Eating/Drinking when not needed + players can now only hold a max of x5 Pankillers.
- Alive Time added to Player Statistics showing the amount of minutes the players has survived.

- Added a mapped Safe Zone in Doherty for Survivors to be safe from Zombies/Bandits whom are shot dead upon entry.
- Added a Clan System so players can create and join clans with clan chat. Leaders can invite and kick members.
- Added x3 NEW vehicles at the Safe Zone including: x1 Sparrow & x2 Quads (NEW VEHICLES)

- Mid-version optimization of script complete reducing the load on the server and players.
- Added a /forgive command so Survivors can forgive other Bandits for their crimes.
- Melee weapons now give a lot more damage and swords now instantly kill.
- Fixed the zombie dead body bug and alive time showing IRL time rather than ingame time.

- Massive overhaul of script increasing efficency and reducing lag on players. Also major changes in GUI/functions.
- Added a NEW Law Enforcement System allowing Survivors to volunteer as Police Officers and arrest/takedown Bandits.
- Added a NEW Jail System where arrested Bandits are sent to a jail cell inside SFPD to complete their sentence.
- Added a NEW Wanted Level System giving Bandits wanted level for each of their crimes which decreases over time.
- Added a NEW Radio System with 100 channels including channels for Survivors/Bandits/Police + Claimable & Open Air Channels.
- Added a NEW Bank System allowing players to Deposit & Withdraw blanks, check their Balance and request a Bank Statement.
- Added a NEW Clothing System allowing players to visit the ZIP Store (City) and change their skin to any skin id they choose.
- Added a NEW Death Cam System forcing the player to spectate their killer for (5) seconds before they respawn again.
- Added a NEW Spawning System with double the spawning locations and paracute drop-ins to eliminate the possibibily of spawn kills.
- Added a NEW VIP Vehicle System where players can purchase permanent vehicles they can /park. Plus x2 NEW planes to discover.
- Added a NEW Player Control Panel allowing players to easily change their in-game Username, Password, and Spawn Preference.
- Added a NEW Boxing Fighting Style for all players giving you a better chance at survival during hand-to-hand combat.
- Updated the Trunk System into the NEW Vehicle Inventory System allowing players to access an inventory in ALL vehicles.
- Updated the Ban System to now log bans and show details of the players ban upon banning/reconnection to the server.
- Updated the Zombie System roaming algorythm to re-spawn stranded zombies massively increasing numbers around players.
- Changes to Safe Zone (upon player demand) giving Survivors god-mode while inside the Safe Zone to prevent all deaths.
- Additional Changes: Backpacks can now be picked up/dropped + Ammo boxes now explode when shot at + VIP's can claim posts without wood.
- Additional Changes: VIP's can get armour at ammunations + A limit of $10,000 BLA in both pocket/bank (Anything over 10k will be reset)

- Emergency bug fixes and minor patches/additions. (EMERGENCY PATCH)
- Removed the ability to pickup/drop backpacks due to handling issues.
- Added chances for incorrect account passwords due to player demand.

- Fixed minor bugs to officially complete v2.6 public release. (FINAL PATCH UPDATE)
- Removed skin changing for on-duty staff to prevent staff skins from bugging. You can tell admins apart by their colour.
- Increased limits for claiming posts/radio channels to 100+ score minimum and 250+ score minimum to be a Police Officer.
- Changed it so purchased items from characters are added to your inventory rather than dropped to prevent issues.
- Changed it so items removed from a vehicles inventory will be added to the players inventory rather than dropped.
- Added a Security Gate at SFPD which can only be operated by volunteer Police Officers to create a safe haven.
- Fixed the duplicating ammo bug when switching weapons with exaclty the same ammo type in their inventory.

- Major security update preventing breaches including: BOT Attacks, Fake Kill Floods, & Other Unspecified Patches.
- Made it so damage system detects headshots with Ranch King/Model 70/Suppressor/Condor. Also added a NEW Helmet item.
- Changed the mimimum score to be able to volunteer as a Police Officer from 250 to 500 upon player demand.
- Re-mapped SFPD Security Gate to make it look better. It also opens and closes better than before.
- Added a /gate command so players can open gates while inside vehicles without having to get out first.
- Made it so you can now see Bandit's markers on the map so Survivors/Police can identify them from a distance.
- Created automatic actor bug detection to prevent the need for players to use /unstuck when stuck a dead body.
- Added a NEW /refund command so admins can refund players inventory/weapons after death. (Upon Player Demand)
- Increased the intencity of zombie waves and reduced the amount of NPC slots to balance it out + free player slots.
- Added a NEW Event System where admins can create events and the last one standing wins +1 days FREE VIP Status!

- Fixed a number of bugs including the Death animation + Trunk bug and minor bugs in the Staff System. (PATCH UPDATE)
- Added usage formats to main message commands including: /h, /pm, /r. Also added /g for an easier global chat.
- Made it so you can pickup items without having to crouch, although you will do a pickup animation. (Like /drop)
- Made it so you now spawn in a plane before jumping into the air to create less confusion for new players.

- Added /gunlist command for newbie players learning the names of weapons in the server. (FINAL PATCH UPDATE)
- Fixed a bug preventing players from re-equipping a weapon after it runs out of ammo.
- Fixed a bug with Local Chat allowing players to talk to each other in sepearate posts.
- Made it so Backpacks can now be picked up like any other item and used in inventory.
- Made it so Police Officers can also been seen on the map making it fair for Bandits.
- Made it so instead of Bandits being shot dead in the SZ, they just do not get godmode.
- Changed the score requirement to volunteer as a Police Officer from 500 to 250 score.
- Added a /fly command for Staff Members to move around the map freely.

- Patched the Event System which can now be used by Admins to run DM events with +1 day VIP prizes.
- Added a /bribe and /accept command so Bandits can bribe Police Officers. And /forgive was removed.
- Made it so you no longer become a Bandit if you shoot another Survivor/Police Officer.

- Opened LS adding over 1000 new objects including new towers, ladders, water/gun points and more.
- Added NEW interiors including a NEW Los Santos Gym, x2 NEW Ammunations, a NEW Bank & LSPD.
- Added NEW Fighting Style System allowing players to train for fighting styles at the gym.
- Added x2 NEW Player Ranks including Icon & Godlike for players with 1000+ & 5000+ score.
- Added a NEW Medikit item which replenishes 100% of health (Painkillers now do +50 HP)
- Added NEW Zombie skin for sprinters (id 200) and leaving (id 162) for Boomers/Common zombies.
- Added NEW Random Vehicle Spawn System randomizing most vehicle models every server restart.
- Made it so you don't loose hunger/thirst or fatigue points while you are in a Safe Zone.
- Updated the Zombie System making it so zombies stop chasing you if you go up a ladder/tower.

- Fully implemented Russian language to the server which you can select upon registering or with /cpanel.
- Added a NEW Lumberjack character at The Panopticon, LS making it easier for players to buy Wood.
- Added NEW Jefferson Hotel interior which has heaps of loot + changed ZIP at LS to Binco.

- Added NEW Anti-Cheat System which blocks most hacks & attacks on the server. (Over 50 Detections)
- Added Anti-Spam systems for /report, /radio, /global & /help commands preventing spam on the server.

- Added a NEW Water Point inside posts where players can fill up Empty Water Bottles using the sink.
- Added a NEW Radar Jammer item so Bandits can jam the radar and hide their Bandit status on the map.
- Updated the Zombie System so Boomers now kill nearby Zombies/Players in range when they explode.

- Performed multiple bug fixes within server commands & functions including minor changes and additions.
- Increased the number of zombies from 50 to 100 increasing their presence throughout San Andreas.
- Added a /checkban command for staff members to check ban details on any player within the database.
- Added a /splitammo command giving players the ability to drop a specific amount of ammo on the ground.
- Added a pickup icon for the plane door as some new players could not work out to press enter at the door.
- Increased the holding limit for blanks for both on hand and in the bank from $10,000 BLA to $25,000 BLA.
- Made the Radar Jammer item slightly less rare and added it to the Vendor's list of purchasable items.
- Made it so you are now disarmed when you enter the Safe Zone to prevent players abusing godmode.
- Made it so you can now clock on and off as a Police Officer without your skin being changed to a cop skin.
- Made it so anyone who gains 3 warnings in a row now results in being automatically kicked from the server.
- Made it so Wood is now 3 pounds rather than 6 pounds making it easier to hold x3 Wood in your inventory.
- Made it so buying items results in it being automatically added to your inventory rather than dropping it.
- Changed the price for Wood from $300 BLA to $250 BLA making the requirement of $750 BLA to claim/defend posts.
- You can now consume Food and Water while having Godmode in the Safezone (it just does not give you health).
- Moved the Lumberjack character in Angel Pine to a safer location under the roof next to the Water Point.
- Lowered the weight of heavy and light weapons, melee weapons and the toolbox to more realistic weights.