Terms of Use

Please read these Terms of Use carefully as these terms are a legal agreement binding you, as the end user, and WWW.SOD-SAMP.COM. By using our website as a guest or registered user, you hereby declare your consent to become a party to this agreement, to accept and be bound to the Terms of Use herein and compliance with our Privacy Policy. If you do not accept and agree to the terms of this agreement, your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using WWW.SOD-SAMP.COM.

1. Website Content

WWW.SOD-SAMP.COM does not guarantee the accuracy of any information on our website, and is not liable for any type of damage that may result by using such information. Furthermore, we DO NOT warrant, endorse or guarantee any content, product or service. Ultimately, you understand and agree that we cannot be responsible for the content posted on it this website, so that, even though we prohibit certain conduct and content on our servers, you nonetheless may be exposed to such materials, and that you use the our website at your own risk.

2. Server Terms

WWW.SOD-SAMP.COM (known as SOD:SAMP) makes every reasonable effort to ensure that the server will function as claimed. We DO NOT guarantee that the server will be free of bugs, security flaws, DDOS attacks, and/or that the server will always be online. The server will occasionally be unavailable for routine maintenance, version upgrades, and/or testing phases. In addition, you hereby agree that we will not be held responsible for consequences to its users that may result from technical problems with the internet, slow connections, and/or traffic congestion.

3. Account Registration

You can register an account on both our server and website for free. By registering, you hereby acknowledge and agree that the server/website is designed for personal use and you are not allowed to use any automated system for the selection or downloading of files or images. You may only register (1) account on the server and (1) account in the website and you are not permitted to farm or sell/trade accounts. We reserve the right to immediately and permanently terminate your access to our server/website if we believe you are violating such limitation. While registering an account on the server/website you will be asked to submit a username and password. You are solely and entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password. Furthermore, you are solely and entirely responsible for all activity that occurs under both your server and website accounts.

4. Account Termination

You hereby agree that WWW.SOD-SAMP.COM, in its sole discretion, may terminate your server/website account to restrict the use of our server/website if we believe that you have violated this agreement. We may also at any time discontinue providing our service (server/website), or any part thereof, with or without notice. You agree that any termination/ban of your access to our server/website under any provision of this agreement may be effected without prior notice. Furthermore, we shall not be liable to you or any third party for any termination/ban of your account(s) on both our server and/or website.

5. Donation Policy

WWW.SOD-SAMP.COM accepts donations via Paypal. You hereby accept that your donation(s) to us via Paypal are NOT refundable. Filling a payment reversal via Paypal may result in the termination of your server/website account(s) along with a possible server ban. You also hereby accept and understand that you must supply valid information including: your server username, your forum username, and Paypal Transaction ID to 'Weponz' via Forum PM upon donation or your status may not be set.

6. Code of Conduct

You alone are legally responsible for your conduct while using WWW.SOD-SAMP.COM, and for any text, links, images, and information you submit, post, or display on our website and server. You MUST NOT flame, abuse, stalk, harass, threaten, impersonate or intimidate any other user (including staff) on our website, or upload/link to any content that does so. Other profound content including: pornographic, violent and/or inappropriate material (including hate material) is strictly prohibited on our website and server. You MUST NOT send or submit unsolicited messages, notices, or advertisements to any other user. You also MUST NOT upload anything to our website that includes: files containing malicious computer code (such as viruses), worms or bugs, or any other type of file that is designed to perform functions on any equipment, when downloaded, without the owner's expressed consent. Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct may result in the deletion of the offending content without prior notification, and termination of your account(s) on both the website and server.

7. Licence to SOD:SAMP

By sending messages, creating threads, replying to topics, uploading files, inputting data or engaging in any other form of communication through WWW.SOD-SAMP.COM or our server, you are granting us a royalty free, non-exclusive, unrestricted, worldwide license to use, modify, copy, and/or display such content to the public. The foregoing grants shall include the right to exploit any proprietary rights in such content including, but not limited to, rights under copyright, intellectual property, trademark, and/or patent laws under any relevant jurisdiction.